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The travels, smiles, and unique reactions of delighted audiences around the world best describe the everyday life of this professional. Like the Fortune 500 companies you see listed on the home page of Forbes, you too can surprise your guests with an incredible, entertaining world of illusion.

If you are looking for a show master who will illuminate your special event with a custom show program and make your show inimitable in the best possible way, please contact us with confidence. Book Timoteo today to ensure your event becomes one of your guests’ fondest memories.

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Magic & Illusion

Illusionism (magic, prestidigitation) is the creation or use of illusions to turn our perception of reality; “artistic” discipline mostly performed by illusionists and magicians, mostly in theaters and clubs, and also and on TV nowadays.

The magic is conceived using sensuous puzzles, sleight of hand and psychological suggestions to achieve an unique fusion between magic and psychological illusions that ultimately lead to a “WOW” effect.

Illusionists have been known to use scientific achievements to accomplish spectacular effects for public entertainment.

Timoteo offers “tailor-made” magic performances with a modern twist tailored to the demands of your event.

Fun Without Limits

Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnosis is hypnosis that is performed for audience entertainment, usually in theaters, clubs, and events.

The contemporary performance of stage hypnosis brings a comedic and unpredictable play, not just an impressive demonstration of the power of suggestion. Effects such as amnesia, mood swings, and hallucinations are common occurrences during the program of stage hypnosis with the members of the audience as the stars of the show.

Stage hypnosis often encourages the public to get to know the many benefits of hypnosis (eg, anti-smoking treatments).

Thanks to the power of hypnosis Timoteo – The XYZ Hypnotist will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

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Unseen Entertainment

Red Carpet / Business Events

Did you rent a venue for a cocktail party or special event and need a performer who will leave your guests breathless? Close-Up Illusionist and Stage Hypnotist Timoteo offers a wide range of tailor-made programs that will supplement your event with interactive entertainment.

At a VIP event, Timoteo is just as likely to be interacting with the guests as he is to be performing in a more traditional “on stage” setting. In fact, VIP parties tend towards an elegant but relaxed atmosphere, so Timoteo circulates and mingles with guests, astounding and delighting them as he goes, breaking the ice, getting people talking, and creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere. What’s more, he ensures that they won’t be forgetting your event in a hurry.

A Touch Of Glamor

Weddings / Private Parties

The wedding day is the ultimate grandeur and magic of a dynamic couple and it takes weeks of planning to make the day pure magic. The atmosphere is spectacular with the magic of love and entertainment. Timoteo has become a popular guest at most major wedding receptions and is in high demand due to his astonishing magic performances, that will have all the guests in laughter and amazement, enjoying your special day.

He will make sure that your guests are entertained and enthralled with amazing feats of Hypnosis, Magic and Illusion.

Amaze Your Guests

Hotels / Public Venues

Looking for a way to create entertaining content within the hotel or restaurant? You want your visitors to interactively participate in creating a unique show/program that will not only leave the “WOW” effect on your guests, but also contribute to the recognition of your facility as customer-oriented?

Get in touch with Timoteo and find out which programs are available for events of this type.